PSX 2016 PlayStation Experience Sony What Time Press Conference 1

This is it, then: the final PlayStation press conference of the year. To be fair, the calendar hasn't exactly been overflowing with them in 2016. Yes, we had the excellent E3 2016 this summer, but TGS 2016 and PlayStation Meeting were both considerably low-key – especially when it came to new software announcements. Without a Gamescom or Paris Games Week in the platform holder's portfolio, all hopes are pinned on PlayStation Experience to send the year out on a high.

Sony's very own convention is yet to really find its footing yet. It's generally been a fan-focused forum, centring on those titles that appeal directly to the brand's most engaged aficionados, but there have been a few megatons: Ni No Kuni 2 springs to mind – and so too does the first gameplay footage from Final Fantasy VII Remake. But there's some thought that, while the niche titles are still expected, this year's PSX 2016 may play host to a handful of major announcements, too.

You're not going to want to miss the press conference, then. So what time does it get underway?

PSX 2016 Press Conference Starting Times

Saturday, 3rd December 2016

  • 10:00AM PT (San Francisco)
  • 13:00PM ET (New York)
  • 18:00PM GMT (London)
  • 19:00PM CET (Berlin)

Sunday, 4th December 2016

  • 03:00AM JST (Tokyo)
  • 05:00AM AEDT (Sydney)

We'll have live coverage of Sony's PSX 2016 press conference, including live video, blog, and chat, so make sure you join us for all of the fun as it unfolds.