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There was a kerfuffle earlier this week when it was revealed that For Honor - Ubisoft's medieval slash-'em-up - would require a constant internet connection to play. However, as with most things in this industry, you've got to take the good with the bad; the good in this case being that much of the upcoming game's downloadable content won't cost you a penny.

Eurogamer reports that the French publisher announced this during a recent press event. The reasoning behind it being that the developer doesn't want to "split the community". Indeed, in the past, we've seen how paid DLC can create cracks in a game's multiplayer offering, with players who decide not to buy the new content getting left behind. With that in mind, Ubisoft's decision seems more than reasonable to us.

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However, as the tagline of this article alludes, only new maps and modes have been confirmed to be free. New heroes, on the other hand, have not, meaning that fresh playable characters could end up costing you.

What do you make of this? Draw your sword and charge blindly into the comments section below.