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So according to a lot of folks, Titanfall 2 is actually one of the best shooters to be released in years. Our very own Liam Croft thought it was excellent, and we've basically seen nothing but praise around the 'net since it launched last month. There's just one problem, though: it didn't sell very well.

Fortunately, publisher EA is on the case, as it's going to try and tempt non-believers into giving the title's online modes a go. It hopes to accomplish this by offering a completely free trial period starting on Friday of this week, which is when you'll be able to download said trail from the PlayStation Store. Whats more, any progress that you make during the free period will transfer to the full game, should you wish to snap a copy up.

At the time of writing, there's no official word on how long the trail will last, but we assume that it's going to be a weekend only deal, so you may want to get cracking as soon as it becomes available.

Will you be giving Titanfall 2 a test drive? Hop into the pilot's seat in the comments section below.