Dig out the frame counters and pay extra attention to the aliasing: Digital Foundry has dropped its preliminary Watch Dogs 2 report. And, in what must be becoming irritating news for Sony, the PlayStation 4 Pro version actually has a handful more framerate dips than its PS4 counterpart. We're talking a couple of frames under the most stressful of circumstances, but that obviously won't stop the Internet losing its mind.

To be fair, it's not really good enough for a premium product, and it suggests that the Japanese giant needs to step in and do a bit of frame counting itself. The good news is that the PS4 Pro version looks great, running at 1800p with checkerboard rendering to produce a razor sharp image compared to its 1080p peer on a standard system. The Digital Foundry team even express appreciation for the overall image quality – but it's those two or three frames that are going to get the headlines.

Oh, and the game's multiplayer's broken on all platforms, too. Happy launch day!

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