Who'd have thought that PlayStation 4 black sheep Rise of the Tomb Raider would become the best example of graphical options on the PS4 Pro? The game – which allows you to select from three very distinct modes – not only caters to 4K television owners with a stunning Ultra High-Definition version, but also includes two 1080p toggles that will appeal to the needs of different players.

The first focuses on enriching the visual experience at 30 frames-per-second, boosting graphical effects such as lighting, shadowing, tessellation, and even Lara Croft's hair physics. Meanwhile, the other drops the quality of each of these, focusing instead on targeting a 60 frames-per-second experience. It's easy to select which option that you prefer, and you can switch at any time.

It's something that we'd like to see more games do moving forwards. The options don't need to be complicated or overbearing – just a simple toggle between two or three modes that favour either performance or visual fidelity. inFAMOUS: Second Son's another game that's almost there in that regard, but we may need to wait until next year for the rest of the PS4 library to catch up.

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