A lot of people have been asking questions regarding the volume of the fan noise in the PlayStation 4 Pro, and we're happy to report that it's the quietest console in the range that Sony's released thus far. We obviously have to temper this observation by pointing out that we've only been using the console for a few days, and things could obviously change a year or two down the line.

That said, the system is practically inaudible when running games from the hard drive; you need to press your ear against the unit in order to hear anything. Things do increase in volume when you're installing a game from a Blu-ray, but where this was obnoxiously loud on the launch unit and PS4 Slim, it's much more muted on the PS4 Pro – and the volume obviously drops once the process is complete.

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Early impressions are good then; this is a well-built piece of hardware. For more on PS4 Pro and our impressions so far, check out this article.

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