diablo iii necromancer.jpg

Diablo III, also known as The Game That Keeps on Giving, may be getting a brand new character class at some point. The speculation is based on a piece of concept art that's signed by Blizzard art director John Mueller, and features two necromancers raising the dead. The picture was found on one of the company's servers, and once it was discovered, it was quickly removed - but not before fans had the chance to save copies of it.

While there's no absolute way of knowing that the art has anything to do with Diablo, it seems like a pretty reasonable guess, especially since there was a Necromancer class in Diablo II, but it was cut for the third game in favour of the Witch Doctor class.

It's also worth pointing out that BlizzCon 2016 kicks off later this week, so maybe the rumoured class will be revealed there? We'll be sure to keep you up to date.

Would you jump back into Diablo III if you could play as a whole new class? Don't side with the undead in the comments section below.

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