Rocket League PS4 PlayStation 4 Custom Training

Rocket League is truly a game that keeps on giving, and more than a year after its release, Psyonix is still releasing free content in the form of the Custom Training mode. This allows players to create their own training scenarios by choosing the difficulty, map, and whether you want to be a goalie or striker, before choosing the position of the ball and your opponent; you could set up a wall shot, for example, or practice keeping long shots out of your goal.

You'll be able to upload these scenarios and share them with the Rocket League community (every training game has a unique code for easy searching and sharing) and you'll be able to favourite and download them. Interestingly, the addition of Custom Training seems to be a response to the popularity of PC mods (such as Rocket League Trainer) that serve the same purpose, so it's nice to see Psyonix not neglecting console players and always working hard to improve Rocket League.

Will you be using Custom Training, or have you stopped playing Rocket League? Constantly practice and never get any better in the comments below.