We suppose that the PlayStation 4 was already the world's most powerful console, so the PS4 Pro doesn't get that many bragging rights. Then again, with double the GPU power, the supercharged system is a bit of a beast. And, in case you weren't paying attention, it's out today. Like, right now. As in, you can literally go in a shop and buy it this second – assuming there's enough stock.

We really like the new console: it looks and feels premium, brings some big visual improvements to existing PS4 titles, and is sure to futureproof the platform for years to come. While there's a bit of inconsistency in the way that games support it right now, we're sure that things will even out as we head into 2017 and beyond.

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You can check out our review of the console, alongside lots of supporting content, through here. But have you already picked up the platform? Are you still debating whether to purchase it? And do you have any burning questions regarding the box? Flaunt your additional horsepower in the comments section below.

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