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Yesterday's trailer may not have given much away with regards to Mass Effect: Andromeda's gameplay, but at least EA and BioWare have released some new screenshots for us to gawk at. As you'd expect, the sci-fi sequel looks great, with the move to the Frostbite engine giving way to some luscious looking visuals. That sandy planet is particularly cool, isn't it?

mea 2.jpg
mea 3.jpg
mea 4.jpg

We'll see more of Andromeda at Geoff Keighley's Game Awards next month on the 1st December. There's a chance that the title will also turn up at Sony's PlayStation Experience just a couple of days later, so here's hoping that we're in for an avalanche of new footage.

How do you think Andromeda looks? Is this a galaxy that you're eager to explore? Boost through the stars and into the comments section below.