And so it begins

It's N7 Day, which means that we're just hours away from getting our next look at Mass Effect: Andromeda. The excitement hasn't quite kicked in yet here at Push Square, but some good old fashioned leakage can be an effective remedy for lacking hype.

Spotted by always eagle-eyed Twitter user Wario64, retailer Best Buy has leaked its product page for BioWare's upcoming sci-fi title. As you can see from the image that we've embedded, the game's box art is pretty swish, and there's going to be a deluxe edition. The bullet points featured on the aforementioned product page aren't all that informative - most of them boil down to your standard marketing guff - but the last one at least confirms that four-player co-op is returning.

We assume that the co-op will have a lot in common with Mass Effect 3's stellar multiplayer offering, where teams of up to four operatives would complete objectives while holding back hordes of alien enemies. Hopefully Andromeda's co-op experience will be every bit as good.

Again, you can expect more news on Mass Effect: Andromeda later today. Developer BioWare has already confirmed that a brand new trailer is heading our way, so be sure to stick around if you're a fan of intergalactic adventures. Until then, though, feel free to blast off into orbit in the comments section below.

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