So, you know that last The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition update? The one that was supposed to fix some crashing issues? Well, we found out over the weekend that it actually introduced a rather nasty bug that impacts the game's slow motion mechanic.

Perks like quick reflexes - which slows time when you block with a shield against a power attack - and the aptly named Slow Time shout simply aren't working as intended. These abilities should allow you to apply slow motion to proceedings while you still move at your normal speed, making them especially useful during combat. However, thanks to this glitch, the applied slow motion is also impacting the player, making the aforementioned techniques pretty useless. Classic Bethesda.

Thankfully, a patch that supposedly fixes the problem is currently being beta tested on PC, meaning that it'll probably be coming to PlayStation 4 either this week or next.

Have you encountered this glitch? Has it been a thorn in your side? Don't try to slow time in the comments section below.