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Wow, that was one heck of a busy month for us here at Push Square. October was jam packed with new releases, from your typical blockbusters to niche Japanese role-playing games and just about everything in between. And as if that wasn't bad enough, we were also buried under the avalanche that was the PlayStation VR launch line up. Of course, the upside to all of this was that our internal Game of the Month vote was tighter than you can possibly imagine, making for excellent entertainment over the last few days. So, which October title has taken our top gong? Let's find out.

Bronze Trophy: Battlefield 1

World War Won

Visually, DICE's World War I shooter is a real spectacle, but it stands strong in the gameplay department, too. Featuring a solid campaign split across multiple playable characters alongside your typically robust multiplayer offerings, this is certainly a comprehensive package. Reviewer Alex Stinton was particularly fond of the former, calling the single player "one of the best Battlefield campaigns to date". A great 8/10.

Silver Trophy: Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon best

One of the best spin-offs that we've played in a long, long time, Dragon Quest Builders is a delightful little sandbox title that's really just a joy to play. As accessible as it is addictive, this world-building release has a lot in common with other block-'em-ups, but it's that good old Dragon Quest charm that arguably elevates it beyond the competition. We called it "one of the most downright addictive titles available on the PS4" and gave it a 9/10.

Gold Trophy: Thumper


Largely considered to be one of the best PlayStation VR launch titles, Thumper is an absolute blast. A rhythm game at its core, Thumper sees you navigate psychedelic levels at lightning speed, avoiding hazards as you try not to blink. Reviewer Graham Banas gave it a fantastic score of 9/10, ending his conclusion by stating that "the future of rhythm games – and, by extension, virtual reality – is bright." Big praise indeed.

Titanfall 2 Game of the Month PS4 PlayStation 4

Platinum Trophy: Titanfall 2

It may not be on course to outsell its Xbox exclusive predecessor, but those who have actually played Titanfall 2 probably won't care. By most accounts, this is one of the best shooters in years, adding some exciting originality to proceedings with its focus split between super slick ground combat and chunky mechanical battles.

Reviewer Liam Croft awarded the release a 9/10, calling the single player offering "divine", while dubbing the multiplayer side of things "deep". Liam concluded that Titanfall 2 is "one of the best FPS games of the generation so far".

So, what was your Game of the Month for October? Do you agree with our winner, or even our nominees? Vote in our poll, and then feed us your opinion in the comments section below.

What was your Game of the Month for October 2016? (39 votes)

  1. Battlefield 121%
  2. Dragon Quest Builders23%
  3. Thumper10%
  4. Titanfall 213%
  5. Other33%

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