Final Fantasy XV 15 PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Final Fantasy XV will receive a day one patch, as reported earlier in the month. And the details of this beefy fix – dubbed the 'Crown Update' – have been revealed online. In addition to tweaking the camera for narrow action and an ability tree for the new 'Wait Mode' function (which appears to make the title more turn-based), it'll also incorporate additional scenes from the Kingslaive: Final Fantasy XV movie. That's why it's so big, then.

Other features added as part of the patch include a gallery which can be used to track recipes and fish varieties, as well as an option to upload the photos taken with Prompto's camera to both Facebook and Twitter. It's a fairly meaningful day one update, then – but will you be there at launch to download it, or are you waiting for Final Fantasy XV reviews before opting to pick it up?