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Once again the immaturity of the games industry (and the world at large, really) has reared its ugly head: a PlayStation Network user has been banned for sharing an image of a lady's genitalia in Watch Dogs 2. That ban has since made headlines around the web, and shadily has been extended from a week to a month – though it's unclear if all of the publicity is the cause.

But first the full story: Ubisoft's latest open world features both male and female nudists who you can encounter by just wandering around San Francisco. It's no big deal, really: the title carries an 18 age rating, signifying that it's inappropriate for youngsters, and, let's be honest, in a release where you literally murder people in the thousands, it's hardly the most offensive material on the disc.

Of course, sharing that nudity from the console itself introduces some questions; anyone with a PlayStation Network account may be end up seeing the shots of the polygonal unspeakables, which is how the aforementioned user accrued his ban. Sony says that "content of a sexual nature" is against its code of conduct. Fair enough, but it's literally in the game.

And now the ban has been extended, without any real reasons or explanation given. This is a tricky one because obviously the platform holder has a duty to keep its console clean – but why is it okay allowing the sharing of gory headshots and not someone's ga—are there any nice slang words for the female front end? We just asked Google and apparently not…

Anyway, the point is that this probably should have ended with the one week ban, but now it's blown up into a big story, we wouldn't be surprised if the nudity got patched out. And that's a shame, because we'll come right back to where we started: it illustrates yet again just how immature that this medium we all love really is.

As for the ban extension… Well, we'll wait to hear Sony's explanation on that, but we damn well hope it's got a good one, because we don't think that posting about the incident on NeoGAF is against the company's terms of service. We'll try and reach out for comment, but in the meantime, we recommend not pushing the Share button when there's a willy on screen.

Update: Sony has lifted the user's ban.