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It's by far the most requested feature on the PlayStation Network, but it looks like name changes could about to become a reality. Temper your expectations because this rumour stems from an Unreal Engine update, but it mentions that Sony has recommended all PlayStation Network accounts now be identified by their "Account ID" rather than their "Online ID".

We're not experts, but this suggests to us that the platform holder is changing the way it queries accounts, looking for a unique string rather than a specific username. Of course, this would hopefully enable players to change their PSN names, meaning that you'll no longer be forced to play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as xXBigBoyXx.

This could all be related to minor back-end changes, so we wouldn't get too excited just yet. PSX 2016 sounds like a likely venue for an announcement like this if it comes to fruition, though, doesn't it? Let's pray to Shuhei and keep our fingers crossed.

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