Stop what you're doing, Japan Studio! Yes, delay The Last Guardian. Knack 2? Are you really making that? Okay, well cancel it – Robots Rescue, the terrific platformer in The Playroom VR, needs to be transformed into its own game. No, there's no time to waste – an indie team has already borrowed the idea, and started work on its own version.

Every now and again, a game comes along that you know if it starred Super Mario it would be showered in plaudits, and Robots Rescue is one such release. It's not a full game yet – sort it out, Shuhei – but playing this small portion of The Playroom VR, it's obvious that it needs to be expanded into its own, full-length experience.

What is it, then? Well, it's a 3D platformer, simple as that – but it's a good one that's totally transformed by virtual reality. Looking up at distant ledges and down slides is a magical experience, and if this were to be massaged into a meaty and varied campaign, we reckon that it would be a legitimate Game of the Year contender.

As it happens, you can play the one level for free as part of The Playroom VR, and it's freakin' fantastic. Make it into a full game, Sony – you know you want to.