Dear oh dear, what a sh*tshow this is. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition got its first ever live gameplay demo on Geoff Keighley's YouTube Gaming show last night, and it's just about the crappiest thing that you'll see today.

The game itself is, well, looking very much like the Skyrim that we all know and (maybe) love, but the people playing it make an absolute mess of the whole showing. Featuring Nadeshot - who is apparently a former pro Call of Duty player - and some guy from YouTube channel Funhaus, we get what is probably the worst demonstration of a title like Skyrim that we can imagine.

Instead of showing off stuff like the remaster's enhanced graphics - you know, things that people actually want to see - good old Nadeshot decides it'd be fun to chase wildlife across vast reaches of nothingness and attempt to take on Whiterun guards as a level 6 character. The video is essentially nine minutes of pain for anyone who's familiar with the role-playing release.

Naturally, the demo has a large amount of dislikes over on its YouTube page, but we just can't believe how much of a missed opportunity this is. The first public showing of a highly anticipated remaster, and this is how you do it? Embarrassing, and we even feel sorry for Geoff for having to put up with such a disaster.