PlayStation VR is out now around the world, which means that we're able to stop telling you how amazing it is, while you experience it for yourself. We've reviewed the hardware, given our verdict on a half-dozen or so games, and even discussed stuff such as Cinematic Mode – but now it's your turn. How are you enjoying your headset so far?

If you've bought one of the devices, we want to know where you got it from, and if there were many other people at the store if you picked it up in person. What was the first game that you played, and which titles have you bought so far? Are you having any technical issues, or is the experience exactly what you expected?

And if you haven't purchased a headset yet, feel free to share why. Have you managed to get a go on the device yet? Have any of your friends picked one up? Which games are you eyeing enviously, or are you waiting for an upcoming release? We've been chatting virtual reality for weeks now, but this is your stage to share your own impressions.

Have you purchased PlayStation VR yet? (223 votes)

  1. Yes, I’ve got my headset now34%
  2. I’ve got a pre-order, just not picked it up yet3%
  3. I’m planning to get it over the next six months16%
  4. I have no interest in PlayStation VR22%
  5. I’m undecided about whether to get it26%

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