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It's been two weeks since PlayStation VR released, and the headset is pretty much sold out around the world. While platform holder Sony is busy ramping up production in order to meet demand, we figured that it would be fun to poll some of you early adopters on your experience with virtual reality now that the initial enthusiasm has died down a touch.

This author's been busy reviewing 2D games of late, so hasn't been wearing the futuristic facemask as much as he'd like, but popping it back on for Tethered recently brought back that same feeling of euphoria: this is, in some part, the future. And the manufacturer must be congratulated for keeping a steady flow of content coming – there have been new games each week since release so far.

But are you still popping on your headset regularly? Are you still floored by the experience? Have you encountered any medical issues which have prevented you from playing? Do let us know in the comments section below, and if you haven't got a headset yet, has all of the positive chatter from launch convinced you to pick one up soon?

How often are you playing PlayStation VR right now? (122 votes)

  1. Every single day at the moment18%
  2. At least a few times a week30%
  3. It’s down to once a week now7%
  4. I haven’t touched it since launch2%
  5. I don’t have PlayStation VR yet44%

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Are you still amazed by the experience? (89 votes)

  1. Yes, I believe virtual reality is a part of the future76%
  2. A bit, but the novelty’s wearing off12%
  3. No, I’m totally over it now11%

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Have you had any medical issues from PSVR? (83 votes)

  1. Yes, I had to stop playing due to headaches and dizziness10%
  2. I’ve felt a bit seasick at times, but nothing major33%
  3. No, I’ve been absolutely fine playing virtual reality games58%

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