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Developers hoping to support the PlayStation 4 Pro but worried it will require lots of resources need not panic, as lead architect Mark Cerny has pulled out his calculator and crunched the numbers. Speaking with Gamasutra, the venerable veteran has concluded that studios need only invest 0.2 to 0.3 per cent of their budget into the impending machine.

"The target was to make sure that support [for the PS4 Pro] could be done for a fraction of a per cent of the overall effort," he said. "And I do mean a fraction of a per cent. I mean, I've run the math, and it's 0.2 or 0.3 per cent for these projects – some of them. So at that point, I think it's very natural for the development community to support the platform."

This tallies with what we've heard about the upgraded model, where Days Gone's ultra-high definition edition is being developed by just one person, for example. If it really is this easy to support the system, and the results are as good as they're already shaping up to be, then there could very much be a bright future ahead for the PS4 Pro.