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Another Friday afternoon, another quick and easy poll for us to sticky on the front page. Nah, we're just kidding - we're actually interested in hearing what you lot think about PlayStation VR. Unless you've been avoiding us for the last two weeks or so (why the heck would you do that?) then you'll already know that we've been pumping out VR content like it's the only thing in the PlayStation Nation worth talking about right now. And to be honest, it kind of is - just look at how slow the news has been elsewhere.

Sony's virtual reality headset launched yesterday, and it's safe to say that initial reactions around the 'net have been pretty positive. Our very own Sammy Barker's been left seriously impressed by what the device is capable of, and there's a generally enthusiastic buzz surrounding the mask at the minute - but, as mentioned, we want to know what you think. Are you enjoying virtual reality? What's your favourite launch title? Vote in our polls, and give us details in the comments section below.

Have you purchased PlayStation VR yet? (223 votes)

  1. Yes, I’ve got my headset now34%
  2. I’ve got a pre-order, just not picked it up yet3%
  3. I’m planning to get it over the next six months16%
  4. I have no interest in PlayStation VR22%
  5. I’m undecided about whether to get it26%

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What do you think of PlayStation VR so far? (157 votes)

  1. It's really good - I'm impressed42%
  2. I like it7%
  3. It's okay, I suppose3%
  4. I'm not really enjoying it, to be honest1%
  5. I'm thoroughly disappointed1%
  6. I told you, I don't have one46%

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What PlayStation VR launch game are you enjoying most? (94 votes)

  1. Batman VR12%
  2. Battlezone5%
  3. DriveClub VR6%
  4. EVE: Valkyrie5%
  5. Headmaster  0%
  6. Job Simulator7%
  7. PlayStation VR Worlds10%
  8. Rez Infinite6%
  9. RIGS: Mechanized Combat League4%
  10. Super Hyper Cube  0%
  11. Super Stardust Ultra VR  0%
  12. The Playroom VR5%
  13. Thumper10%
  14. Tumble3%
  15. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood12%
  16. Other14%

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