The reaction to October's PlayStation Plus offering has been largely positive as far as we can tell, with PlayStation 4 users in particular looking forward to not one but two critically acclaimed titles in Transformers: Devastation and the current-gen version of the original Resident Evil. This month's selection follows on from a similarly solid September line up that included Journey and Lords of the Fallen. Is the premium service finally starting to hit all the right notes again?

That's for you to decide in our latest polls. Is this another good month for Plus subscribers? Are you personally happy with the included titles? Feed us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Are you happy with October's PlayStation Plus games? (170 votes)

Yep, happy is me


It's an okay selection


Nah, they're crap


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Which October PlayStation Plus game are you most looking forward to? (162 votes)

Actual Sunlight


Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~


From Dust


Mad Riders


Resident Evil


Transformers: Devastation


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