Mafia III PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Mafia III releases on 7th October globally, but don't expect to find a review on Push Square – or any site worth your time for that matter. 2K Games informed us recently that code would go out on launch day, and Polygon has since confirmed that to be the case for other outlets around the world. In other words: you probably won't find any meaningful coverage of the sandbox crime sim prior to release.

While it's sometimes worrying when publishers withhold review code, it's perhaps worth mentioning that it's not always bad news. Bethesda opted to do this with DOOM, for example, and that's arguably one of the best games released this year. We also didn't get access to Destiny: Rise of Iron until launch day, and that's proved to be another sturdy expansion.

We'll be sure to bring you some impressions as soon as we've spent some time with the title, which we'll follow up with a full review as soon as possible. If you're on the fence regarding the title, then we'd recommend just waiting – the game will still be readily available after our review runs, so unless you absolutely have to own it day one, then just sit tight and wait for our verdict.