Well this is a pleasant surprise! We'd forgotten how much we enjoyed the original Outlast, but playing this hastily released demo for its sequel has brought all of those good memories flowing back. This sampler – deployed today on the European PlayStation Store – is set in a dingy rural village, where clearly there's some kind of religious cult been hired as farmhands.

The game loop works much the same as in the original game: you have a camcorder with an infrared mode, and it serves as your only means of illuminating the dark. The problem? Batteries are scarce, and so you need to manage when you're going to use your limited resources and when you're going to reserve them.

Red Barrels is recycling lots of tropes in this demo alone – the P.T.-inspired school corridor sequence will prompt a swift roll of the eyes – but the atmosphere is strong and the visuals are alarmingly polished, with the title still several months away. We're excited to give the full game a spin, then – our only disappointment being that it's not in development for PlayStation VR. Yet.

What do you think of the found footage embedded above? Are you praying to see more of Outlast 2 soon? Charge your batteries in the comments section below.

[source bit.ly]