In some ways, it's a shame that the PlayStation VR embargo had to lift. We'd encountered problems with the headset prior to this week's verdicts, which we outlined in our review: the resolution of the screen, the number of cables, and the flawed nature of the PlayStation Move controllers. But we hadn't encountered any tracking issues on the headset itself.

Of course, this week's popular Giant Bomb stream caused a minor furore in hardcore circles, with the site encountering some unfortunate (and pretty serious) issues during a live broadcast. And in a way, trying to replicate those issues, we've found ourselves actively searching for faults in the hardware over the past few days, rather than immersing ourselves in virtual worlds.

But we've genuinely found the tracking issues that the aforementioned site encountered difficult to replicate. Playing both standing and sitting, we've found the headset to be largely accurate in both beaming sunlight and complete darkness; being on your feet does appear to cause a little more wobble, but it's all mostly natural – this author tends to fidget while standing.

As we said in the review, the PlayStation Move controllers are prone to jitter and drift, and you can see this clearly in our Batman: Arkham VR hands-on. But in terms of the game world itself seemingly breathing in and out – this certainly hasn't been common in our substantial time wearing the headset. It's worth mentioning that we've been disregarding the distance and lighting guidelines, too.

We'll need to wait until 13th October to see if this issue turns out to be a widespread problem, but we can only say what we've seen, and the tracking seems fine to us. Perfect? No – it freaks if you hold a controller in front of your face, and the PlayStation Move won't work at all if your body blocks the bulb from the camera. We've never shied away from the fact that there's obvious room for iteration and improvement here.

But in terms of game breaking motion tracking issues on the headset itself, we just haven't encountered anything particularly problematic thus far. There are still more titles to try and different environments that we want to test them in, but we're hoping that incidents involving the tracking are isolated, and that the majority of you will have a great experience when you get your headsets home.

Are you worried about PlayStation VR's tracking issues? Have those of you who've tried the headset experienced any issues at all? Drift like a disorientated drunk in the comments section below.