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Eh? Is this a regular occurrence now or something? The PlayStation Network is once again having issues on a Friday, although they don't seem to be impacting everyone. We're online just fine here at Push Square, but we're seeing reports of service outages all over the web - and Sony has even acknowledged the problem on social media.

Hopefully this is just another blip for the network and it'll be back in full working order very soon, but all these small stints of downtime are becoming a bit of an annoyance. Sort it out, Sony.

Update: It sounds as though this may not actually be your standard PlayStation Network issue. According to Gizmodo, major DNS host Dyn suffered a DDoS attack earlier today - and this might be the cause of the reported PSN issues. Naturally, a whole load of other online services and sites are also having trouble because of this attack.

Update (19:45 BST): The PlayStation Network is still experiencing issues according to countless reports around the 'net. Sony says that its engineers are currently working on a fix. Good start to the weekend?

Update (21:15 BST): The internet's awash in complaints right now, so we assume that the network issues have become widespread. We're also no longer able to sign in here at Push Square. Let's hope things get better before they get any worse.

Update (00:15 BST): The network's back up and running for most users as far as we can tell. About time, eh?