We're here at EGX 2016, which means we're beaming hastily crafted articles and shoddily edited videos straight to your eyeballs from a room the size of a shoebox. No, seriously -- that last bit wasn't even a joke. The good news is that we've got all of 2016's -- and some of 2017's -- biggest games on tap, and we'll be bringing you tons of coverage over the coming days.

Our first port of call: Battlezone. Swayed by the big Push Square banner on its booth -- Sammy said the game will blow your mind, remember -- we decided to put that statement to the test: by having a slew of the team try the title for the first time. Is it truly that good, or was our esteemed editor just speaking out of his arse again? We captured the reaction of our staff -- in uber-unfocused, grungy show floor light -- in order to find out.

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