Mark Cerny's got a way with words that makes everything he says - no matter how outlandish - sound completely and totally reasonable. The PlayStation 4's lead system architect, Cerny is essentially responsible for the design of Sony's current-gen platforms - including the newly announced PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. Who better to sell you a brand new console?

Indeed, the five minute video that we've embedded above is probably a better sales pitch than the actual PS4 Pro reveal that occurred during the PlayStation Meeting. Obviously, a video on PlayStation's official YouTube channel isn't going to throw any potential negatives into the mix, but it's an insightful interview all the same, as Cerny outlines the development, the overall goal, and the hardware features of the PS4 Pro.

So, how do you feel about the Pro? Has this video given you a clearer picture of what Sony's latest piece of tech is all about? Give us a glimpse of the future in the comments section below