Of all the directions that Metal Gear could go at a Konami without Hideo Kojima, we must say that we never expected Metal Gear Survive. This bizarre co-op spin-off recycles assets from The Phantom Pain and shoehorns them into a co-op game, which looks totally fine in execution but utterly unnecessary all the same.

In this first gameplay demonstration from the Tokyo Game Show, four players work together to gather resources and take control of a stronghold. The action plays out similarly to Metal Gear Solid V – stealth very much is encouraged, and you'll still be fultoning items back to base – though the melee combat has been given a spot of extra attention, and the health system now more closely resembles Metal Gear Solid 3.

The video shows how once you've got control of the base, you'll need to fortify it as waves of enemies attack. These foes, by the way – they're zombies with horns growing out of their necks. As we said earlier, none of this looks abhorrent by any stretch – it's just such a weird, weird game. Why does it exist? Other than to reuse assets, of course.

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