Back when Horizon: Zero Dawn was announced, we wondered how much of a role-playing game it would actually be. That's the genre that Guerrilla Games had promised, but with the early demonstrations centring on combat ahead of crafting and conversations, we pondered whether the Dutch developer may be stretching the definition of the phrase.

But now that we're getting close to release, the studio's starting to prove that it's made a God's honest RPG title. In this Tokyo Game Show video, we get a glimpse of Aloy entering a village environment, where she's able to interact with other characters in order to pick up quests, purchase gear, and more. The dialogue's a little hokey, but it's not terrible.

And this all bodes well for the release, which has barely put a foot wrong since being revealed. The combat has always looked outstanding, and that continues to be the case here. But it's the dressing that's going to make this title dazzle, and while the jury's still out on the story and quest design, there's plenty of reason to be excited now.