We haven't really seen a massive amount of New Hot Shots Golf since its announcement in 2014, but a PlayStation Japan livestream from the Tokyo Game Show has provided us with 20 or so minutes to sift through. Before you watch, though, you'll want to turn down your speakers just a little bit – there are a lot of presenters on stage here, and they're very excitable.

This is definitely a different kind of Hot Shots than we've seen before. The click-click-click golf is still very much present and intact, but it's complemented by an open world setting, which you're free to explore either on foot or in a buggy which you can summon at any time with a button press. There are also other activities for you to engage in, like fishing for example.

As someone who's a fan of minigames – particularly when Clap Hanz creates them – this author's pretty excited about the idea of explorable courses, though we're hoping that there's half-a-dozen or so at least in the final game. Of course, the problem is that the title's taking forever to release – let's hope that it meets its Summer 2017 target, eh?

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