ps4 slim.jpg

The PlayStation 4 Slim will be officially announced on the 7th September at Sony's PlayStation Meeting - that much is guaranteed at this point - but where did all of these leaked consoles actually come from? If you haven't been keeping up to date on this story, Slims, in all of their real, physical glory, have been found in the wild over the last couple of weeks right here in the UK - and Sony has yet to acknowledge that the system even exists.

According to a report by MCV, the leaked Slims originated in the United Arab Emirates, where they were due to go on sale following the revamped console's reveal at the PlayStation Meeting. Somehow, a batch of Slims were then illegitimately brought over to the UK, where they were sold on through sites like eBay and second hand electronics stores.

Obviously, we'd love to see a big budget movie adaptation of this whole saga, complete with an enraged Andy House slamming his fists down onto a table during a crisis meeting at Sony HQ.

An unnamed retail representative told MCV: "You have to feel sorry for PlayStation, because it's all descended into an absolute farce." That's one way to put it, we suppose.