Yooka-Laylee exists to please old-school Nintendo gamers. Having gone hands-on with the PlayStation 4 platformer earlier this week, we can confirm that it's quite literally Banjo-Kazooie running on modern hardware – even the use of the Unity engine ensures an authentic N64-esque 20 frames-per-second throughout.

But what about those new-school Nintendo fans? Well, the team at Playtonic Games has confirmed that Shovel Knight will appear as a guest character in the forthcoming foray – and he's bringing some brilliant gibberish with him. Speaking on-stage at EGX 2016 earlier today, the developer admitted that it had to hold online discussions with Yacht Club Games in order to get the spade-wielding star's voice just right.

Yo. Uh-huh. Hey. Hey. Yo. Huh. Hey. Yo.

[source bit.ly, via eurogamer.net]