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MLB The Show rarely gets much coverage on websites like ours, but it's a strong seller for Sony in the United States every year. However, reports are swirling that the studio may have been shut down. Not exactly the kind of news that will go down well at a time when the Japanese giant seems to be attracting waves of negative press.

We still don't have a full picture of what's happened; a couple of reports claim that the entire studio's gone, while others point to a round of layoffs. Either way, it looks like this news is going to leave a large pool of people out of work, so while we try to get to the bottom of exactly what's happened, our thoughts go out to all those who suddenly find themselves unemployed.

Update (22:15PM BST): Ryan Palser, who's an animator at Boss Key, has suggested that the baseball team at Sony San Diego may, in fact, be intact. Sony San Diego has been experimenting with free-to-play titles such as Guns Up and Killstrain of late, so it's possible that the Japanese giant may have shuttered those parts of the studio while maintaining the MLB The Show team.

Again, we'll update as soon as we learn more.

Update (23:00PM BST): According to Polygon, there have been large layoffs at Sony San Diego, though these won't affect those working on MLB The Show. You can find a new story on today's restructuring news through here.