Rocket League

We're now well over a year into Rocket League's life, and Psyonix doesn't appear to be slowing down on the post-launch support. The much-loved multiplayer game, still a firm favourite of yours truly, has just received its latest patch, and it's another big one, introducing new items, systems, and even an extra Rocket Labs arena.

Top of the pile, though, is Rumble, a brand new mode available in private and unranked matches that brings weapons and power-ups to the already chaotic pitch. Among other abilities, there's the tornado which whips the ball up into the air, the grappling hook that propels you towards the ball, and an ability that freezes the ball in place. It's a mode that's sure to make for some chaotic, hilarious fun with a few friends – that is, if you ever get bored of the vanilla experience.

Elsewhere, this update introduces the option to trade items with friends, meaning you can finally offload some of your duplicated hats and antennas. Also new are Champions Crates, rare end-of-match drops that contain exclusive new items and even "import" car bodies. This is the most controversial new inclusion, as to get these new cosmetic extras, you need to purchase keys via microtransactions. Obviously it's not necessary that you cough up for these crates, but they do contain their own line of items separate from the regular crop, if that tickles your fancy.

There's more besides, including a few niceties such as a new Party Chat feature, and the ability to save car configurations. The amount of content that Psyonix has provided for free over the last 14 months is phenomenal. If you haven't played in a while, it seems like a great time to jump back in. What do you make of the latest patch? Have you had a chance to try out Rumble yet? Score an own goal in the comments section below.