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This must be some sort of record: Rise of the Tomb Raider will release with a whopping 125 Trophies on the PlayStation 4. The trinkets span the main game alongside its many expansion packs, and consist of an eye-watering 118 bronze trinkets. The remaining seven gongs are divided up between five silver, one gold, and one platinum.

While it's true that DriveClub includes three more Trophies in total, you'd need to buy the racer's Season Pass and a handful of its other DLC packs in order to get them all. We suppose that with DriveClub Bikes factored into the equation, the Evolution Studios developed exclusive has a much bigger roster of metallic pots – but in terms of the number of Trophies available out of the box, Lara Croft's entering Uncharted territory here, if you'll excuse the pun.

You can take a look at the full list of Trophies through here, but do check back and let us know whether you'll be assuming the role of the iconic adventurer on your PS4 next month.