The tech heads over at Digital Foundry seem impressed with the PlayStation 4 Slim, stating that it's generally far, far quieter than standard PlayStation 4 models. It also consumes much less power, its surface doesn't get near as hot, and it boasts 5GHz wifi. Not bad for a console that's currently being shoved aside for the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of media coverage.

According to Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter, who hosts the video that we've embedded above, the Slim is "whisper quiet". Putting the new system to the test with a 4v4 game of Rocket League, the report highlights just how loud old PS4 models can get; the original PS4 launch model hits a rather worrying 63 decibels, while the slightly improved PS4 CUH-1200 model reaches a better 51 decibels. However, the Slim measures just 43 decibels when background ambience is 40 decibels. In other words, the Slim barely makes a sound.

Pushing the Slim even further, Digital Foundry slapped Assassin's Creed Unity into the disc drive - a title that's notorious for making the PS4's internal fans go nuts. The publication measures 55 decibels from the Slim on this one, and although that's a marked improvement over the 65 decibels of the launch PS4 model, it would seem that even the Slim isn't safe from Ubisoft's mess of a release. Still, if it takes Unity to actually force the Slim into making a noise, we reckon that's quite impressive.

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