Nosferatu Zodd lives for the thrill of battle, and that's pretty clear to see in Berserk's latest gameplay trailer. Indeed, Zodd's the star of this one as we see him make mincemeat out of his enemies in both his human and demon forms. It's still unclear how transformations actually work - we're unsure if they're just temporary or if you can change at will - but turning into a huge monster looks fun all the same.

Oh, and while we're here, we may as well post Schierke's gameplay video for good measure, since we totally missed it when it released last week. The young witch seems to play like you'd expect, harnessing the power of the elements to sling decimating spells at her enemies.

Berserk is out in Japan next month, and while it doesn't have a confirmed Western launch date, it's still slated for release this year in Europe and North America. Are you excited for it? Try not to spill too much blood in the comments section below.