If you're familiar with Berserk, then you'll probably already know that Wyald, leader of the Black Dog Knights, is a bit of a villain. A demon in humanoid form, he's a ruthless and downright horrible individual who controls his band of fellow scum through fear. In the source material, we see Wyald do some unspeakable things - things that should, by all means, make you hate his guts - but Omega Force has made him a playable character in Berserk and the Band of the Hawk all the same. Do we have to play as this sicko?

He at least looks quite fun to use, and his crazy Japanese voice acting caught us off guard. Still, we can't wait to see Zodd snap him in half all over again.

Berserk is due out in February next year here in the West, but will you be riding with the Black Dog Knights? Run this monster through in the comments section below.