mafia iii dlc.png

It looks like developer Hangar 13 has reasonably big plans for Mafia III after it launches next month, promising free downloadable content packs along with three premium expansions. The free stuff is largely what you'd expect - costumes, weapons, and extra vehicle customisation - but the studio also makes mention of races, which could be a nice way to spend some time when you want to take a break from busting heads around New Bordeaux.

As for paid content, the developer's currently working on three "major expansions", which offer their own storylines. "Faster, Baby!" sees lead character Lincoln Clay team up with his ex, the superbly named Roxy Laveau as they take down a corrupt sheriff, "Signs of the Times" takes a turn for the creepy as Clay hunts down a cult responsible for ritualistic killings, and "Stones Unturned" goes for a personal approach as Clay looks to settle a score with someone that he fought alongside in Vietnam. All in all, the premium DLC sounds like it could be promising.

Naturally, the game's season pass nets you all of the above content, but Hangar 13 stresses that you'll be able to buy it everything separately, if you wish.

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