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We've sunk about 10 hours into Destiny: Rise of Iron, and in that time, we've completed the main set of story quests, tackled several side objectives, and jumped about ten light levels. We've perused some super cool looking armour, glanced at a few tempting exotics, killed more Splicers than we care to count, and spent minutes at a time dismantling useless equipment. Yep, this is definitely another Destiny expansion.

So far, Rise of Iron feels a lot like The Taken King in that its aim is to rejuvenate Bungie's shooter. A higher light level cap, playlists of freshly worked Strikes, and an upcoming Raid are all elements that players have seen before - and there's nothing really wrong with that. At this point, Destiny fans know what they want and they generally know what they're getting. This latest expansion delivers more of the same, all wrapped up in a typically polished package.

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Let's start with the aforementioned story missions. It took us around an hour and a half to clear the main ones, but despite the campaign's short length, it features several nicely designed quests that are certainly fun to play through. Of course, it's what opens up after you complete this initial run that really matters. A whole new area called the Plaguelands offers a vast new map to explore, and it's unsurprisingly filled with mysteries and various activities.

One such activity is the Archon's Forge, which is basically a new Court of Oryx. Much like The Taken King's public trials, the Archon's Forge sees you summon waves of foes in an arena, and your job, naturally, is to put them all down and then take out a boss. There are varying tiers of difficulty with the harder fights promising better rewards, and since it takes place in a public space, anyone travelling through the area will be able to join in, which unsurprisingly leads to some amazing "here comes the cavalry" moments.

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When it comes to loot, Rise of Iron provides a wide selection of new weapons and armour to discover. Almost every existing vendor has had their stock upgraded, and faction packages can now yield high level gear. What's more, as hinted, a suite of fresh exotics have been added, and although we haven't been lucky enough to stumble across something completely unknown, we have spied players with some crazy looking equipment. In short, the expansion has got us addicted to Destiny's grind once again.

It's not all golden engrams, though. If there's but one complaint that we have of the new content, it's that the new enemy faction, the Splicers, are a bit of a pain in the arse to fight. Don't get us wrong, we love a good challenge in Destiny, but these re-skinned Fallen have some horribly annoying habits, like the ability to shoot out an exploding ball of energy that'll track you down when they're killed via headshot. Even the new Walker tanks shoot homing missiles, as if that bloody cannon wasn't already a hassle to deal with.

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Minor gripes aside, though, it's pretty clear that Rise of Iron is another solid expansion. We're not quite sure if it's as refreshing as The Taken King initially was, but we're eager to get stuck back into exploring the Plaguelands and joining our buddies on Strikes, so that's obviously a good sign. Once we've pumped more hours in and attempted the Raid, we'll have a full review for you right here on Push Square.

Have you been enjoying Rise of Iron? What do you think of it so far? Ignite your thoughts in the comments section below.