Bulletstorm PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Potty-mouthed first-person shooter Bulletstorm will swear up a storm on the PlayStation 4, as the Brazilian games ratings board has listed the obscene slaughtering simulator for Sony's new-gen system. Dubbed the Full Clip Edition, the title will be published by Gearbox Software and developed by People Can Fly, after the Polish studio reacquired the rights to the franchise following its separation from Epic Games.

This game garnered critical acclaim for its arcade-based brutality, but its below-the-belt jokes and junior high writing left a lot to be desired. It's unclear what will be different in this version, but we'd expect spruced up visuals, while a batch of new gags may be too much to ask. Expect this to be announced imminently now that the, er, Pussyzilla's out of the bag, but try not to get too excited in the comments section while you wait.

[source portal.mj.gov.br, via gematsu.com]