Ape Escape 2 released on the PlayStation Store for the PS4 this week – and we've been monkeying around with it. The popular PlayStation 2 platformer definitely shows its age in the controls and presentation department, but it runs nicely on Sony's new-gen system, and the upscaled visuals actually hold up surprisingly well.

For those not familiar with this franchise, the original was actually produced by Shuhei Yoshida, and it was designed to launch alongside the very first DualShock controller. But rather than control the camera, the second analogue stick is actually used to swing a net – a mechanic that was retained for this 2002 iteration of the game.

With tons of minigames and accessible gameplay, this is good stuff if the summer drought has hit you particularly hard. The only real disappointment is that there's no Platinum Trophy included when there probably should be, but don't let that put you off. Sure the voice acting's silly, but it's about what you'd expect from a game about catching brainwashed apes in nets.

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