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Despite the fact that it's never been officially announced by publisher Activision, the heavily rumoured Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PlayStation 4 remaster is available to buy and download right now on the PlayStation Store. Well, in Australia at least. It's priced at $49.95, which is about £30, and we imagine that it'll roll out in Europe and North America this week.

The robotic action title - which originally launched on the PlayStation 3 all the way back in 2012 - was a solid sequel to an already surprisingly good Transformers game, but we'd recommend caution if you're eager to play it again on Sony's current-gen console. As the recently released Marvel: Ultimate Alliance remasters have shown, Activision doesn't seem to care whether its ports are up to scratch, so we'd suggest waiting to hear how the game holds up before taking the fight to Megatron.

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