berserk nosferatu zodd.jpg

Now we're talking! Nosferatu Zodd, one of Berserk's central characters, is going to be playable in the PlayStation 4 and Vita adaptation. The supremely powerful demon, who can alternate between humanoid and beast forms, will surely be a blast to use in Koei Tecmo's upcoming hack and slasher. We imagine that it won't be long until we see him in a fresh gameplay trailer.

So far, the confirmed playable character roster includes Guts, Griffith, Casca, Judeau, Serpico, Schierke, and, of course, Nosferatu Zodd. There's already a health amount of variety in those names alone, but it'll be interesting to see who else makes the cut.

Berserk is due out on the 27th October in Japan, and, as far as we know, it's still scheduled to launch this autumn here in the West. Will you be annihilating your enemies as the mighty Zodd? Sprout some wings and crash into the comments section below.

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