PlayStation 4 PS4 Wireless USB Adaptor Sony 1

Are you a big fan of the DualShock 4 controller? Do you enjoy using the device with your PC and Mac? Then here's some pretty good news: Sony's releasing a wireless USB adaptor for the controller in Europe and North America, starting 15th September in the Old World and "early September" in the United States.

The accessory will support all of your "favourite" features, including the touch pad, light bar, motion sensors, vibration, and headphone jack. It'll be compatible with computer-based Remote Play, the newly announced PC-based PlayStation Now, and other applications.

It's probably safe to assume that more major PC and Mac developers will include DualShock 4 support moving forwards – a lot of games already allow you to select the PlayStation button prompts. The accessory will cost $24.99 in the US, so it's not exactly going to be cheap – but if you like playing games on your computer, then it may just be a must have.

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