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Rumour has it that PlayStation Now, the streaming service which allows you to play PlayStation 3 games in a Netflix-esque on-demand fashion, will roll out on the PC from 23rd August. The service is already available on the PlayStation 4 and Vita, and has launched on select Samsung and Sony televisions, but if true, this would mark the platform holder's first attempt at really branching out with the initiative.

The rumour comes by way of French site Gamekult, with the publication claiming that the PC-based client will debut in Belgium, the Netherlands, and the UK first. A US and Canada rollout is expected a week later. You'll apparently need a computer with Windows 7 or above, as well as a 5MBps connection and a compatible controller. You won't, of course, need a particularly powerful machine, as that's the whole point of the cloud gaming initiative to begin with.

While nothing's been confirmed, this all sounds pretty reasonable to us – and it would mark the first opportunity for you to play exclusives like The Last of Us and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception on a PC. Of course, you'll still technically be playing them on a PS3 – albeit a big server-based version that's being streamed to your computer. This could be a good option if you travel a lot, as the service should work on any crumby old netbook.

Chalk this down as a rumour just for now, but we'll of course keep you updated regarding any announcements that Sony makes.

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