We thought Titanfall 2 was really fun when we tried the Technical Test last weekend, but it's left some fans outraged. Chief among the complaints is the sequel's slower movement speed compared to the original, which Respawn Entertainment claims is designed to prompt more skilful firefights. It has, however, bowed to feedback, and says that it'll be tuning air and wall-running speed to be faster, while re-introducing the acceleration boost that comes from chained moves.

That's not all: the developer will also be reintroducing the passive acquisition of Titan meter, which was a defining feature of the original Titanfall. The new game encourages you to complete objectives in order to gain Titan meter, but by observing Technical Test data, the dev accepts that some players are attempting to "play the objective but failing, resulting in slower than intended Titan acquisition". You'll still gain a Titan faster if you're actively contributing to your team, of course.

Elsewhere, the studio's tackled the subject of the maps, with the open expanses of Homestead prompting some players to worry that it will be representative of the final game. "When designing maps, we strive to make them unique experiences," the dev said. "For example, Homestead changes things up by creating islands of Pilot gameplay where long-range weapons can be effective." It stresses that there are many different types of map in the final game.

While the feedback seems to have helped the studio, this does really underline the danger of releasing a small beta prior to release. With a large portion of the main game's content missing – from weapons to maps and everything in between – it's hard to draw any firm conclusions on the package, but people do. And with the word of mouth surrounding Titanfall 2 a little toxic right now, Respawn Entertainment may have wished it never hosted the beta in the first place.

Then again, it has learned some invaluable lessons here, and there's hope that the final game will be better because of the feedback.

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