Berserk's back with not one, but two new gameplay trailers. The above video features Casca from her days as a commander of the Band of the Hawk, while the below clip shows jack of all trades Judeau laying waste to hordes of enemies with some impressive throwing knife skills. Seriously, how many of those things does he have hidden away?

Although neither character is known for their ability to mow down entire groups of foes in the original work, this is obviously a Warriors game - you just gotta roll with it. As with previous trailers, there's a lot of blood on display, and we're liking the way that each character seems to have a good amount of weight behind their attacks. With any luck, the title will do the source material justice.

Berserk is still scheduled to release later this year here in the West, but are you readying your weapons? Take a giant swing in the comments section below.